We Make UX Research in Thailand Simple

You are working on a product for Thailand. We are UX specialists with deep knowledge of the region.

We take care of recruiting local users, translations, communication, incentives and scheduling.

Usability Testing Works

Usability testing validates design and business decisions before you ship. We will help you discover the ways your product needs to be localized and catch problems before they are costly to fix.

UX Research from Start to Finish

We offer range of services and handle everything involved in end-to-end UX research. From prototype creation and test design to moderating tests and analyzing results, we do it all.


We recruit local test participants based on the criteria you provide.


We translate all materials to and from Thai, including prototypes, test plans, notes, and user feedback.

Test Execution

We schedule the user tests, provide a venue, handle participant incentives, and moderate the tests.

Consultation and Analysis

We can work with you to design execute the most effective user tests and provide research reports on the results.

Who We Are

After spending years working on products for Southeast Asia, and feeling the pain of conducting user research in foreign countries, we decided start Rice Milk Research. We have experience designing and building software for the region and are here to make UX research in Thailand simple.



Need to do UX research in Thailand?

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